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Harold Gil has over ten years of experience in public health informatics. A former Applied Public Health Informatics Fellow and Public Health Informatics Director, he has been awarded many accolades for his track-record of innovative technical solutions including the Outstanding Innovation in Public Health Practice Award by the International Society for Disease Surveillance. He was recently recognized as a Diverse Executive Leading in Public Health Scholar by the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.

Capacity Building

The public health infrastructure is the people. Get advice on how to pave the way for distributed groups to acquire and practice the skills necessary to develop tools that advance the national agenda for data modernization. Receive technical assistance throughout the process to accelerate these complex projects while also enabling your teams in state-of-the-art data technologies.

Data Analytics

Foundational data literacy and coding are not common skillsets in governmental public health. Improve your team's data literacy, or get consulting on how your team may best position itself to achieve its data maturity goals and related programmatic outcomes.

Cloud Analytics

Cloud technologies are complex. Migration to the cloud, whether it be simply for data storage or big data computing purposes, is riddled with subtle operation-disabling obstacles. Many of these pitfalls can be avoided by learning and practicing these technologies before taking on the actual migration. Get a head start and avoid costly delays by receiving instructor-led, hands-on training on cloud platforms such Databricks and other cloud service provider technologies such as Azure and AWS.

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